Witness the high-quality output of digital textile printing at first hand at ITMA Asia 2018

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From the 15th until the 19th of October, the biggest textile exhibition in Asia will take place in Shanghai: ITMA Asia 2018. Over the last years, China's drive for innovation has led to an increase in textile quality and enhancement of global competitiveness of Chinese textile. Are you ready to join this movement and become an industry-leading textile printer? Then a visit to ITMA Asia 2018 should be your next move. Here’s what you can expect during your visit to ITMA Asia (plus request your free ticket at the bottom of this page!).

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The latest innovations in textile printing

ITMA Asia is the place where manufacturers introduce new, cutting-edge developments to the Asian textile printing market. Each edition, textile machinery manufacturers fight for their place in the spotlight by presenting the most innovative developments in their field.

Do you want to be the first one to know about the latest innovations in textile printing? After a visit to ITMA Asia, you’ll be fully updated on what’s new and what’s to come. Want to print complex designs at a higher quality? Or want to lower ink consumption, increase your ROI and speed up the production process? At ITMA Asia, you’ll find innovative solutions to your current problems.

At the SPGPrints stand, for instance, you’ll be able to see the BestLEN Direct Laser Engraving system. This system is especially developed for printers wanting to take their engraving department to new performance heights. Witness yourself at ITMA Asia how the BestLEN can help you produce faster, more efficient and deliver high-quality output.

Live demonstrations

Are you thinking about transferring your production or part of it to a digital textile printing machine? Then a visit to ITMA Asia 2018 can help you with that transition. At ITMA Asia, the largest digital machine manufacturers will showcase their digital printing machines and the latest innovations in the field of printing. That means it is your chance to see all digital machines in one place.

For you to make an even better comparison between different machines, at the SPGPrints you will be able to see our digital textile printer live in action. The JAVELIN scanning digital textile printer will be in full production during the live demonstrations at various time slots at the SPGprints stand.

The JAVELIN printer offers unsurpassed quality and value to textile printers who are taking the first step into digital production and are looking for ease, reliability, and productivity. Experience yourself how the JAVELIN can help you make short-run, fast-turnaround jobs affordable for customers, since it eliminates screen preparation time and frees up time for printing full production runs.

See, touch and inspect the high-quality fabric coming out of the JAVELIN and evaluate the output of the scanning digital textile printer yourself.

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Digital printing inks

Textile printers are always looking for ways to improve the quality of their designs and fabrics. An essential element of design quality is the type of ink used for printing. Therefore, at ITMA Asia 2018, there will be an important focus on digital printing inks.

When you demand nothing less than outstanding results, the ink you use should meet your high standards. For that reason, SPGPrints will showcase its full digital ink portfolio optimized for all major industrial print heads, including the Kyocera print heads.

Since all our inks are developed and produced in-house, we can offer unrivaled quality and runnability at competitive prices. Our specialists at our stand are more than happy to discuss the possibilities of our digital inks with you and help you optimize the quality of your designs.

Request your free ITMA Asia 2018 ticket

Curious to learn about the latest innovations in textile printing? ITMA Asia is the most important platform in Asia for textile machinery manufacturers to showcase their latest, cutting-edge solutions. SPGPrints will be present at ITMA Asia too, providing our visitors with a live demonstration of our inventive JAVELIN digital printer.

We look forward to discussing the latest textile innovations with you and therefore offer you a ticket for ITMA Asia 2018 free of charge. Request your free ITMA Asia ticket here:

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