17 September 2021

Wearables and Healthcare: Printed Electronics for Hospitals

As more and more sectors are depending on electronic devices and smart applications, Industrial Printing and Printed Electronics are being used for an increasing amount of applications. For example, for Wearables and Healthcare. 

Printing test strips or smart band-aids has many advantages, but Industrial Printing can not be done effectively for every application. In this blog, we will discuss differences in applications, advantages and the latest developments in Healthcare.

9 February 2021

Printing Biosensor Test Strips - 6 reasons why Rotary Screen Printing enables more test capacity

The COVID-19 pandemic put immense pressure on societies worldwide, and because of that, the demand for more and faster testing capacity became greater than ever before. Pharmaceutical companies strive to make rapid test devices as available to the public as possible, but innovative technologies for Printed Electronics are necessary to do so. 

Biosensor Test Strips are an innovative technology, but with the short-term demand for millions of test strips for a virus that’s still relatively new, companies are facing a challenging task. Rotary screen printing might be the solution for this challenge. In this blog, I will explain how this printing method can solve the increased global demand for more test capacity.

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