3 valuable insights from our visit to CES 2024

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is renowned for unveiling the latest technological marvels, and we at SPGPrints were naturally eager to explore the forefront of printed electronics. In a world buzzing with innovation, CES 2024 proved to be an exhilarating experience, presenting us with three invaluable insights that promise to shape the future of our industry. Our Product Manager Jurgen Westerhoff shares his experience in this blog:

Uncovering groundbreaking applications for Printed Electronics

The sheer magnitude of innovative products and services on display from around the globe was mind-blowing. From monumental opening keynotes to the vibrant energy in the startup halls, the event set an unparalleled stage for technological advancements. Amidst the myriad of exhibits, locating relevant applications for printed electronics felt like searching for a needle in a haystack. Nevertheless, we uncovered some truly groundbreaking examples spanning medical to agricultural use cases, showcasing the limitless potential of printed electronics.

Developments in Smart Healthcare and Clean Energy

The second day of CES brought us face to face with the evolving landscape of smart healthcare and clean energy. A noticeable trend emerged, shifting from pure healthcare applications to encompass lifestyle and wellbeing. We witnessed the transformation of glucose sensors, traditionally designed for diabetes patients, repurposed for tracking glucose levels to optimize daily energy management. Companies showcased products measuring nutrient levels within the body and AI-powered vision systems analyzing the composition of the food on your plate—an embodiment of the quantified self taken to new heights.

Clean energy concepts dominated the show, with a significant focus on backup batteries. While large flexible solar panels were not prevalent, conversations with research labs working on Department of Energy-funded projects exploring flexible solar technologies left me enthusiastic about the potential developments in this space.


From electrically stimulating face mask to next level in-car lighting features, a great amount of technological novities were presented at CES 2024.

From electrically stimulating face mask to next level in-car lighting features, a great amount of technological novities were presented at CES 2024.

Printed Electronics integration in the automotive sector

On the final day, our attention shifted towards automotive technology, where concepts from several industry leaders left an indelible impression. The exploration of space in the new flat electric architectures was particularly intriguing, as technology seamlessly integrated into both interior and exterior surfaces. This not only created a clean and calm aesthetic but also introduced interactive elements throughout the vehicle.

Exploring the show floor revealed an ecosystem of suppliers and technology developers aligning with these novel design concepts. Flexible sensors, displays, antennas, and in-mold electronics were prominently featured, emphasizing the vast opportunities for scaling printed electronics in the automotive sector.

As the curtains drew on CES 2024, the wealth of insights gained left me exhilarated. The connections made during the event hold the promise of future collaborations, and I eagerly anticipate the unfolding developments in the realm of printed electronics. CES 2024 was not just an exhibition; it was an immersion into the exciting future that awaits us in the world of technology.

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