7 March 2019

[The Note] Large format fabric printing: how to choose the most suitable textile printer

21 February 2019

[The Note] Finding the right combination of digital and conventional textile printing machines in your production line

7 February 2019

[The Note] The advantages of using reactive inks in digital textile printing

As a digital textile printer, the quality of the print you produce is of utmost importance to your customers. In order to benefit from the high printing quality of digital textile printing machines to the fullest, you need a type of ink that can deliver you that desired level of quality.

24 January 2019

[The Note] High-quality blotch printing on fabric with a digital textile printer

Blotches have always been very present in many designs for textiles, whether it is for fashion, sports/swimwear or home textiles. With the increased usage of digital textile printers, blotch printing, however, proved to be a challenge for digital textile printers. How can you still enable high-quality blotch printing on fabric with a digital textile printing machine? In this blog, I explain why blotch printing is difficult for digital textile printing machines and how you could solve these issues.

10 January 2019

[The Note] What determines the price of a digital fabric printing machine?

Increasingly more textile printers acknowledge the advantages that digital textile printing has to offer. Increased production speed, higher levels of quality and more flexibility, to only name a few. Nevertheless, a digital textile printing machine asks for quite a large investment. What determines the price of a digital textile printing? Many printing companies wonder why a digital printer is significantly more expensive than a rotary printing machine. In this blog, I explain what components determine the price of a digital textile printing machine and how your company can benefit from this innovative printing equipment.

20 December 2018

[The Note] Digital textile design: what are the new opportunities for designers?

The rise of digital textile printing does not only bring large advantages for production only. The digital printing technology also breaks some major boundaries that conventional printing used to put on designers. As a designer, digital printing helps you to expand your creativity and offers you the opportunity to better respond to the wishes of the market. In this blog, I explain exactly what the advantages of digital textile design are and how you as a designer could benefit from them.

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13 December 2018

[The Note] How to incorporate a digital textile printer into your production process

Some textile printers have the perception that you only need to plug in a digital textile printer for it to work. However, to truly benefit from your latest investment, there are a few extra steps you have to take. In this blog, I’ll provide you with a checklist full of steps you should take when incorporating a digital textile printing machine into your production process. Use them to your advantage.

6 December 2018

[The Note] How to choose between a single-pass and multi-pass digital textile printing machine?

Every printing process is different. What might work for one of your competitors, could not work for your business at all. When thinking about making the transition to digital textile printing, you have a choice to make: single-pass or multi-pass printing? How do you know which printing technique is most profitable for your printing business? To support you in making this decision, I explain which questions you should ask yourself to find out which technique best suits your printing process.

22 November 2018

[The Note] 5 Requirements for making a transition to digital textile printing

More and more textile printers are making the transition to digital textile printing. A report of the World Textile Information Network (WTIN) showed that the digital textile printing industry is projected to grow 20% by volume through the period of 2017 until 2021.

8 November 2018

[The Note] Direct digital to fabric printing vs sublimation paper printing: what’s the difference?

With all the different printing methods out there, it can be difficult to find out which one best suits your application. I often hear people asking the question: what is the difference between direct digital to fabric printing and paper sublimation printing? To be honest: lately an attractive alternative has been created which combines the best of both worlds: direct sublimation printing.

The real question, therefore, is: what is the difference between direct sublimation printing and direct disperse printing and how do I know which printing method best suits my application? Below, I explain each method in detail and describe the pros and cons of each printing method thoroughly.

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