Henk Masselink

Henk Masselink shares his knowledge about conventional textile printing in 'The Link'. Thanks to his years of experience, Henk can tell you all about textile printing, the latest innovations, and expectations for the future.

11 January 2021

[The Link] How to improve your Rotary Screen Printing process without changing the printing process itself

5 November 2020

[The Link] Difficult designs in rotary screen printing: 3 reasons why Ortascreens™ can improve your results

25 August 2020

[The Link] The Future of Rotary Screen Fabric Printing: is digital textile printing taking over?

Back in the late eighties, when digital textile printing and reactive inks were being developed, estimating the consequences of these innovations was not yet possible. However, it was soon thought that digital textile printing would push rotary screen printing into the background and eventually even replace it. 

Now, almost thirty years later, we can say that rotary screen printing is still very much alive and kicking, despite digital printing continuing to develop rapidly. Can rotary screen printing keep up with this development? And what are the expectations now? How long will rotary screen printing last? In this blog, I will evaluate the past and forecast the future of rotary screen printing.

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