[The Note] How a visit to ITM 2018 can help textile printers improve and grow their business

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Between the 14th and the 17th of April this year, ITM (International Textile Machinery Exhibition) will take place in Istanbul, Turkey. As the largest exhibition in its field in Turkey and the Middle East, ITM is the place where the textile world gathers to discuss the latest innovations in textile printing. If that’s not enough to get you excited, below we listed four reasons how a visit to ITM 2018 could help you improve and grow your business.

1. Be the first to know about the latest innovations in textile printing

At ITM, textile technology leaders from all over the world come together to present developing technologies in textile printing. During the exhibition, the leading brands of textile production and finishing machines introduce their newest products and cutting-edge technologies. After visiting ITM, you know everything about the latest trends in textile processing.

As a textile printer, ITM is the place to learn about new technologies that could help you improve and grow your business. Want to print complex designs at a higher quality? Or want to lower ink consumption, increase your ROI and speed up the production process? At ITM, you’ll find innovative solutions to your current problems.

2. With one visit you’re informed about all textile trends

Concurrently with ITM 2018, HIGHTEX 2018, the Istanbul Yarn Fair and the ETT2018 Conference will be hosted at the same time. This means that with only one visit you’ll know everything about the latest developments in textiles, yarns and printing techniques. Also, you get the opportunity to hear textile experts, academicians, researchers, administrators and machine manufacturers discuss the future of textile printing.

Learn all about the latest innovations in textile printing at ITM, get informed about technical and smart textiles at HIGHTEX 2018 and see the leading yarn manufacturers showcase their latest trends during the Istanbul Yarn Fair. All of that with only one visit.

3. Discover the benefits of digital textile printing

Digital textile printing is becoming a more common technology to print textiles. Why? Because it enables textile printers to produce high-quality fabrics, print challenging designs and to bring ideas faster to the market because of its flexibility.

At ITM 2018, you get the opportunity to see the high-quality output of digital printing at first hand. We as SPGPrints will be present with our JAVELIN digital textile printer to show you in live demonstrations how digital textile printing can enhance the quality of your designs and how it enables flexibility in designs.


4. The latest, innovative screens for exceptional print quality

Even if you are not in digital printing, also as a rotary textile printer you are constantly looking for ways to keep up with your customer’s demands. Therefore, if there’s an innovative solution that could help you speed up the printing process and enhance the quality of your designs, you would want to know about it.

In rotary screen printing, the screen you use determines the quality of your print and the efficiency of your printing process. Therefore, textile printers are always looking for the newest, most innovative screen so they can make the most out of rotary screen printing.

The industry standard in high quality rotary screen printing is the NovaScreen. This screen offers relatively high open areas thanks to mesh counts with minimum spacing between holes, which maximizes paste transfer. With holes of 40 microns, it features an exceptionally high mesh count. This helps you to print perfect halftones, tonal gradations and fine linework and small dots. At our ITM stand, you’ll be able to see how the Novascreen can help you enhance the quality of your prints.

Receive a free entree ticket for ITM

Are you curious what the future of textile printing holds? Do you want to be the first to know about the latest innovations and technologies? Then ITM is worth your visit. During ITM 2018 we'll give you the opportunity to see our digital printer — the JAVELIN — in action. Because we look forward to seeing you at ITM 2018, we offer you a ticket entirely free of charge. Request your free ticket here.

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