Simultaneously boosting your production capacity and expanding design offerings through multi-pass digital textile printing

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The evolving fashion industry demands more and more from printing companies. Not only there’s an increasing demand for the production of high-quality precision designs, like fine lines and geometric designs, brands also request faster production of larger quantities. As a printer how do you make sure you meet these demands and realize business growth, even in this evolving industry?

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The next step in digital production

The Turkish printing company Zeynar Tekstil struggled with these demands and on top of that was searching for a way to effectively keep up with the growth of their business. Multi-pass printing proved to be the solution to their challenges and helps them to take the next step in digitizing their printing processes.

As an innovative printing company which aims for continuous development and modernization, Zeynar was willing to expand their digital printing machine facilities further. The innovative technology of multi-pass digital textile printing, which offers unsurpassed quality and value to printers who are taking the next steps in digital printing, helped Zeynar Tekstil to keep up with their growing number of orders by expanding its production capacity.

Expanding design offerings and increasing production capacity

Zeynar Tekstil was looking for a way to expand their production capacity and, more importantly, was searching for a printer which enabled them to print fine lines and geometric designs. After an extensive testing period of various multi-pass digital printing solutions, SPGPrints’ JAVELIN proved to be the digital textile machine that best met Zeynar’s requirements.

The JAVELIN printer, which efficiently produces complex designs like fine lines and geometrics at relatively high speeds, helps Zeynar Tekstil to expand their design offer even further, reduce their ink usage and increase the color gamut used for printing designs. Expanding their printing line with the JAVELIN digital printer on top of that helps them to take the first step towards single-pass printing, Zeynar’s ultimate goal for the future.

Looking for a way to enable high-quality production at a faster rate?

Multi-pass textile printing can help printers to meet increased demands for shorter-runs, rapid turnarounds, and on-demand sample production. Like Zeynar, printing company Tekboy Tekstil uses the multi-pass printing technology to produce high-quality designs at a faster rate, offer customer’s high-value solutions and bring new ideas to the market in 3 to 4 weeks. Learn more about their success story in the case study:

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