Exploring FESPA 2024: Trends in Digital Printing and Sustainability

Last week, we proudly showcased our booth at FESPA 2024. Close to our head quarters this time, as this year's edition took place in Amsterdam. The exhibition featured a diverse range of print applications, spanning from clothing and textile printing to signage and car wrapping. It was a convergence of the entire print world, gathering to share knowledge, expertise, network, and unveil the latest trends and developments. It was an engaging event where we had the pleasure of connecting with numerous individuals at our booth. In this blog, let's reflect on our experiences from the event.

Rose: an innovative solution for businesses looking to elevate their sublimation printing capabilities

We showcased our presence at the exhibition with a focus on sublimation printing. Central to our exhibit was our succesfull sublimation printer Rose, a cutting-edge machine that garnered significant attention and positive feedback. Particularly noteworthy was the Rose machine's exceptional combination of high-quality prints and unparalleled speed, setting it apart as a unique offering in the market. This feature makes it an ideal choice for businesses looking to ramp up production without compromising on quality.

During the event, we had the opportunity to highlight why the Rose machine stands out as a superior choice. Our emphasis on the machine's exceptional print quality, facilitated by our unique printheads, resonated well with attendees. We strongly believe that investing in an industrial sublimation printer like the Rose machine goes beyond just financial gains. It's about ensuring reliable production, minimizing downtime, and enhancing overall performance as a supplier. The Rose machine delivers excellent print quality up to 300 x 1,200 dpi, even at high production speeds, representing cutting-edge printing technology with innovative solutions. An innovative solution that offers a fresh perspective on industrial sublimation printing, presenting a new standard in the industry.

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Heightened focus on sustainability within the printing industry

Another significant trend observed at the exhibition was the growing importance of sustainability within the printing industry. In today's world, sustainability is a subject of paramount importance, and integrating sustainable practices into the printing process presents a unique set of challenges. However, sublimation printing offers a promising solution in this regard. Unlike traditional printing methods, sublimation printing is a dye-based process where the ink becomes an integral part of the material, eliminating the creation of excess layers or waste on the substrate's surface.

Our sublimation inks are well-aligned with this sustainability trend. They provide an excellent fit for various applications showcased at the exhibition, such as sportswear stands, which were prominently featured. Sublimation printing is particularly suitable for this market segment, especially considering its compatibility with vibrant colors, including fluorescent hues, which are prevalent in sportswear designs. As a result, we anticipate the possibility of forging new partnerships and collaborations in this arena as a direct outcome of our participation at the exhibition.

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