10 October 2018

[The Note] How digital textile printing enables fast-fashion manufacturing

17 September 2018

Witness the high-quality output of digital textile printing at first hand at ITMA Asia 2018

18 July 2018

[The Note] How single-pass printing can change the textile printing industry

For a long time digital textile printing machines could not match rotary screen printing machines in terms of production volume performance. Although offering a shorter time-to-market and higher design quality, digital textile printing machines could not provide large quantities of printed fabric with a certain delivery time as rotary screen printers can.

11 July 2018

[The Note] WTIN digital textile market report 2017: ‘Digital printing output grows 22% globally’

Twice a year, the World Textile Information Network (WTIN) performs an analysis of the digital textile printing market. This market report provides valuable insights into the unique and fast-moving digital textile printing industry.

27 June 2018

[The Note] Digital textile printing vs screen printing: how to make a cost comparison

When considering digital textile printing, printers are often insecure because they fear it is a high initial investment that is doubtful to be earned back. When making a cost comparison between rotary screen and digital printing, the initial investment is often the only parameter besides the price of inks that is taken into account. However, to create a realistic image of the costs of a particular printing technology, certain important parameters cannot be left out. In this article, I explain how to effectively compare digital printing and screen printing based on Total Cost of Ownership. It explains how all parameters can influence your overall printing costs.

20 June 2018

[The Note] The 3 main investment reasons for digital textile printing

Nowadays, digital textile printing is the fastest growing segment in the textile industry. Why do increasingly more textile printers make the transition from conventional to digital printing? And what are the main investment reasons for digital textile printing? Instead of being driven by cost advantages, the main investment reasons can be find in indirect parameters underlining the advantages of digital textile printing. In this article, I discuss these important parameters and how they can benefit your company.

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14 June 2018

What is digital textile printing and what are the advantages for your company?

In the past decade, the way we print on textile is subject to change. Next to the conventional screen printing technology we all know, digital textile printing is on the rise. But what is digital printing exactly? What does the digital textile printing process look like? What are the differences between scanning inkjet printers and single-pass inkjet printers? And, most importantly: how can digital printing help your textile printing company set new standards for print quality and production speeds?

6 June 2018

[The Note] Digital fabric printing costs: the investment versus the earnings

Considering to make the transition to digital textile printing? The extensive investment of digital textile printing is one of the main reasons printers can be hesitant in making the transition. But how much does digital textile printing truly cost? And – more importantly – what are the benefits? In this article, we discuss both the costs as well as the earnings of digital textile printing.

30 May 2018

[The Note] Reducing print head damage in digital textile printing with Archer® technology

Most print heads used in the textile industry are derived from the print heads that are created for and used in the graphic printing market. These type of print heads are perfectly suitable for printing on flat and even materials but are not ideal for the typical three dimensional structure of textile fabric. Nonetheless, this type of print head is widely used in the textile industry. This causes quite often problems such as print head damage, high repairing costs, a lower printing quality which required a suitable solution. The Archer technology of SPGPrints proved to be that solution, offering printers a greater jetting distance while maintaining a high precision level.

23 May 2018

[The Note] Digital textile printing fabrics: what materials are suitable for digital printing?

Digital textile printing is the latest innovation within the textile printing industry. An increased number of printers are making the transition to digital printing and benefit from the competitive advantage that it offers them, the fast production rate and the possibility to print complex designs and fine patterns. Before deciding if digital textile printing could be of interest to your printing company, it is essential to know what are the possibilities of digital printing regarding the materials that can be digitally printed on.

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