13 December 2021

[The Note] Match to print: how to improve print quality when combining printing techniques

3 December 2021

[The Note] Textile sampling: is digital sampling for rotary screen printing possible?

29 November 2021

[The Note] Sustainable Textile Printing: digitally reducing the ecological footprint

Sustainability is becoming increasingly more important in today’s society, even in the more polluting industries. Luckily, new innovations help to make production processes less damaging for the environment. A great example of this is digital textile printing, which innovates the industry of textile printing. But does digital textile printing really allow sustainable textile printing by being less harmful to the environment than conventional textile printing?

Chemical material is printed on textile, whether the process is digital or not. On top of that, the printed product in most cases still has to be steamed and washed. This is why the ecological footprint of textile printing will not be zero. But what can we do to reduce the ecological footprint of textile printing? 

29 November 2021

[The Note] Hybrid printing machine: does combining digital and rotary make sense?

Nowadays, many printing companies use both digital and rotary screen printers within their production process. Wouldn’t combining the two printing methods in one single hybrid printing machine make more sense?

A logical question, especially when you consider that there are manufacturers that offer single-pass digital machines with one or more rotary stations implemented. It does not look like an impossible job and a printer that can print digitally as well as rotary sounds like a useful asset for many companies. However, a hybrid printing machine is rarely a sound investment. In this blog, I will explain why. 

Note: we assume in this blog that a customer’s desire for a hybrid printer is based on the wish to combine both technologies in the same print job. For a hybrid printing machine that prints either only rotary or only digital in a job, all the arguments in this blog would not be valid.

7 October 2021

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Industrial Printing and Printed Electronics

In our blogs, we discussed a lot of challenges, opportunities and techniques related to Industrial Printing and Printed Electronics.

There are still a lot of questions remaining, which is why we created this FAQ Page. Do you have a question about Industrial Printing that is not answered in the topics below? Please don’t hesitate to contact me or my colleagues, we’d love to help or advise you.

4 October 2021

Printed electronics: technologies, challenges and applications

Do you already produce your Printed Electronics in the way that suits you best? After all, there are different production techniques and not every technology can meet the challenges of your application.

In this blog, we will talk about Printed Electronics, technologies, challenges and applications; and more importantly, how they are interrelated. This way you choose the technology that ensures that your products are of the highest possible quality - and that your customers are as happy as they can be!

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23 September 2021

Renewable Energy with Printed Electronics

With the emergence of more and more electrical appliances instead of gas-powered applications, we are working towards a sustainable world. Provided the batteries, accumulators and applications are sustainably produced, of course.

Industrial Printing by means of rotary screen printing helps with this. Examples are printed solar panels and printed batteries. In this blog, we will discuss these applications and some of the advantages of rotary screen printing that make this production technique one of the most sustainable solutions. 

17 September 2021

Wearables and Healthcare: Printed Electronics for Hospitals

As more and more sectors are depending on electronic devices and smart applications, Industrial Printing and Printed Electronics are being used for an increasing amount of applications. For example, for Wearables and Healthcare. 

Printing test strips or smart band-aids has many advantages, but Industrial Printing can not be done effectively for every application. In this blog, we will discuss differences in applications, advantages and the latest developments in Healthcare.

12 August 2021

Rotary Screen Printing for Printed Electronics: Opportunities and Chances

Industrial Printing comes in many different applications and techniques, like the manufacturing of Printed Electronics. Each technique gives you unique opportunities and chances as a printer. For example, rotary screen printing also offers some unique opportunities. In this blog, we will elaborate on what this can mean for your printing process.

5 August 2021

Printed antennas for wireless communications: NFC and RFID

Printed Antennas are a common form of Printed Electronics used to enable wireless communication. Printed Antennas for wireless communications are more common than you might expect, and this will only increase in the future. 

The most common types of printed antennas are NFC and RFID technologies. But what are the differences between these two? What are they used for and how are they manufactured? In this blog, we will look closely at both forms of wireless communication.

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